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date Argentinean women.jpg is a leading Latin communications platform and dating site that provides its members with a convenient and safe place to create meaningful personal relationships.

Both men and women are welcome to sign up, and potential members get instant access to Latin singles from countries like:

  • Brazil

  • Mexico

  • Argentina

  • Peru

  • Colombia

  • and more

A Quick History of

In the earlier days of online dating, AmoLatina's future creators saw a need to build a dating site for people passionate about Latin dating. Over the past decade, constant improvements in key areas, such as security, functionality, and service, have contributed to the universal growth of the site's popularity.

Looking at the result today – AmoLatina has over a million active users, and over 1,5 million messages are sent on the site each day. Additionally, gets around 80 million visits per year.

Who Are the Members?

AmoLatina is a perfect fit for anyone who has an interest in expanding their dating pool and dating singles from Latin countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and many more.


AmoLatina is particularly member-friendly in the area of who can date on the site. It does not matter if you are a Latino man or a woman – everyone is welcome and can create a profile.


Because the site is so user-friendly, it is also ideal for those who are new to the online dating world.

Key aspects that are helpful to new members are the smooth sign-up process and effortless navigation between the features.


Activities such as building your member profile, finding matches, and connecting with others have been made super easy too.

dating mexican woman.jpg

An Overview of AmoLatina's Features

AmoLatina's features were developed to enhance the experience of online dating to the highest possible level. Below is a list covering what any specific feature has to offer:

View a Member's Video

Each member can upload a video specially made for their dating profile. The ‘View a Member's Video’ feature allows potential matches to get a better idea of the other persons' character. To use this feature, you need to upgrade your profile and purchase a membership.

Email Correspondence

This service should be familiar to anyone who has had an email account before. With the AmoLatina emailing feature, you can receive, compose and send emails like you normally do. Just as with regular email, all messages you get are stored in your inbox, where you are free to keep or delete them.

Let's Mingle

‘Let's Mingle’ is ideal for members who value saving their time and energy. For active daters to get more replies and improve the chances of finding a perfect match, dating experts often suggest casting a wider net.

However, casting a wide net also means typing up new messages over and over again for each new person you meet along the way. That is a process everyone finds too tedious. In comes ‘Let's Mingle’ – a service that allows you to send a carefully crafted message to everyone who meets your chosen preference (for example, Women aged 25-35; Men aged 30-45).

Video Chat

This feature works in two ways: one-way and two-way video. The first video option allows only one member to view the other. With the second option, both members can see each other. The video service works without audio.

Note that ‘Video Chat’ is a premium feature that requires purchasing credits.

Offline Chat

Members no longer need to be online at all hours to receive messages. AmoLatina developed the ‘Offline Chat’ feature so users could receive messages sent to them while they were offline. The messages are saved in your inbox, which you can access as soon as you log back online.

Live Chat

The AmoLatina Live Chat feature is similar to those of social media platforms. Put simply: members can send and receive instant messages via the Live Chat feature.

Additionally, it is possible to send:

  • Photos

  • Stickers

  • Smiles

  • Premium smiles

  • Videos

These items allow members to add a bit of spice to their messages. Note that most items on the list require a small number of credits.

Send a Present

‘Send a Present’ is a service that is unique to AmoLatina. It allows members to choose between several presents such as flowers, a box of chocolate, perfume, and so on. Right after a gift is selected and the order confirmed, AmoLatina will arrange the sending of the present to your chosen match.

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Is AmoLatina Safe?

AmoLatina is a safe dating site to use. They have implemented many security features and anti-scam measures to ensure the security of their users.

AmoLatina's Security Features

One thing AmoLatina truly prides itself on is how well-protected their members are. For example, members are routinely encouraged to read AmoLatina's online dating safety tips and reimbursed for credits if something goes wrong. Here is a brief overview of other security features the site uses:

1. Profile Confirmation

AmoLatina has put in place a security team whose job it is to make sure members are safe. Their strict profile verification process ensures that all individuals signing up on the site are real and have honest intentions.

The security team also monitors the site for suspicious behavior, makes evaluations when a member files a complaint about another member, and decides the appropriate course of action should an issue arise.

2. Security System

Because is a premium dating site and monetary transactions take place on the site, the security team has ensured that all sensitive data you enter is protected. All your credit card details, bank information, and the like, will remain strictly confidential.

3. Clear Anti-Scam Policy

Another great thing about is that the company has compiled a comprehensive Anti-Scam Policy. Everyone can view what it entails and find answers to questions about how personal data is used and if anything is shared with third parties. You can find the policy at the footer of



If you are interested in Latin dating, then is the right place for you. The site offers potential members a chance to connect with singles from around the Latin world, various ways of getting and staying in touch with a possible match, a strict anti-scam policy, and much more. Members get to communicate through a safe dating platform and enjoy an encouraging environment where they can create meaningful and lasting relationships.

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